Here in Natural Instinct we are passionate about happy healthy pets. We are also convinced that healthy diet plays a huge role in your pet’s life. Therefore, we are solely dedicated to providing our customers and their furry friends with balanced and complete raw pet food of the very best quality.

Raw food for dogs and cats is the best natural option your pet can have, – that’s what we sincerely believe in. Cats and dogs are designed by nature to live on raw meat and bones. 

A raw food diet for your pet means feeding as nature intended, free from artificial additives, colours, preservatives and fillers. That’s exactly what we create for your pets – the most scrumptious, natural, complete frozen meals full of goodness and high value nutrients.

We make sure that feeding your pet a raw diet is easy: our food is delivered to your door frozen and safely packed. All you need to do is to defrost, serve and watch your pet wolfing it down and asking for more.

Our Raw Pet Food Specialists

Our pets are an important part of our families and creating the right dog food and cat food for them is a team effort. We work closely with a highly skilled Product Development Team including pet nutritionists.


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