Dragonfly Products was born out of a desire to give our beloved Cavapoo, Dolly, the best natural treats we could find. We don’t like eating rubbish food ourselves, so why should things be different for our four-legged family member? 

Dolly has a really sensitive tummy and so many commercial pet foods and treats didn’t suit her. We set about researching different diets and treats. Eventually, after much trial and error, we came to the realisation that fresh and natural food was working best for Dolly. But commercially available treats left a lot to be desired.

After searching for treats to meet our (very high) standards, it became apparent that many, many other companies online are selling cheap, imported natural treats, possibly treated with chemicals, for extortionate prices.

So we set about sourcing products that are either UK or EU produced. We stay with British manufacturers wherever possible (our Fish Jerky and Pigs Ears are both from UK suppliers) but some products just aren’t readily available from the UK. Venturing no further than the EU, we visit our suppliers and talk to them regularly to ensure that the products we buy are 100% natural, with no additives, chemicals and flavourings added.

Dolly is our Chief Taster, with her best friend Summer as Deputy Taster. Between them, they have the deciding vote on what goes into our range.

Our customer base and range is rapidly expanding. We aim to add new products every month and stay social on Facebook and Instagram to keep our finger (and paw) on the pulse of what people want.

Laura & Dolly x