Paleo Ridge Raw is a family run working dog food business operating out of rural Hampshire. Our aim is to provide outstanding quality products and service to our customers and their working dogs.


Sharon Daly, Founder & Chairman

“For my own dogs I insist on ethically sourced products. Grass fed meat is higher in many important nutrients and is less intensively reared. We will never sell anything that I would not feed my own dogs”

“Like many others my switch to raw feeding started with a sick dog. All conventional avenues had been exhausted. I did not want to lose my dog, so I started to research what could be done to boost his immune system naturally. Raw feeding kept coming up, so I started to research. The more I learned, the more I realised that natural, healthy food that is species appropriate really is the best. So started my passion with raw feeding”

Animal welfare is the highest priority for us when sourcing products. Intensive factory farming goes hand in hand with poor animal welfare and unsatisfactory conditions. Animal cruelty is abhorrent to us and we will not support it under any circumstance. For the same reason, we will never source un-stunned Halal meat, regardless of the positive conditions they may have been raised in.

Raw feeding is suited to all working dogs, each and everyone has a job to do, whether it be out in the field or on the race track. Please remember that all working dogs are allowed rest periods, working dogs at rest can still enjoy our working dog food, we advise reducing the amount needed to avoid weight gain.

We are always very happy to answer any questions regarding raw feeding. We find it extremely satisfying helping others make the switch to raw feeding. We often have customers return after a few months into raw feeding with success stories, which Is very rewarding for everyone involved!


3E, Spa Fields Industrial Estate, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5BB
Company Reg NO: 11788109
07712 508905
Defra Regestration: U1293185/ABP/TRANS

Opening Times

Monday – Saturday  10:00-16:00